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Sermon Study Questions

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Following Jesus

Mark 1:16-20 How is following Jesus different than our modern view of what it means to be a follower? What type of people were Jesus’ first followers? What were they doing when Jesus called them to follow Him? How does Jesus grow His followers? When people are called to follow Jesus, what response is well pleasing to God?  ...

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Gospel Ministry and the Kingdom of God

Mark 1:14-15 What does Mark communicate is the fate of the faithful? Why did Jesus conduct His ministry in Galilee rather than the wilderness? What was the good news that Jesus proclaimed? How do you face pressure as a follower of Jesus? ...

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Children of God and Children of the Devil

1 John 2:28-3:10 When Jesus returns, how will those who abide in God respond? How do those who hope to see God demonstrate the hope they have in Him? In what ways do God’s children show that they know Him? What distinguishes the children of God from the children of the devil? ...

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The Rest of Time

Daniel 10:20-12:13 What does the prophecy that’s revealed to Daniel teach us about God’s plans and purposes? When Daniel received this prophecy how would he have been encouraged by it? As we read this prophecy how are we encouraged by it? What will be the ultimate end of the people who set themselves against God? What will be the ultimate end of the people...

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Expectations in God's Service, Part 3

Daniel 10:16-19 Why should followers of Christ expect to feel personal weakness? What is one of the main causes of our weariness? How did Christ strengthen Daniel to keep going? When we feel weak and weary what should we do? ...

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Expectations in God's Service, Part 1

Daniel 10:1-111. What was the nature of the vision that Daniel had?2. Before Daniel had the vision what was he doing? Why was he doing it?3. Who did Daniel see a vision of? How did Daniel respond to this vision?4. As servants of God, what expectations should we have about what it means to serve Him?...

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The God of Greater Hope

The God of Greater Hope: Daniel 9:20-27...

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