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Sermon Study Questions

Archives for October 2018

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Productive Pressure

Mark 9:30-37 Why didn't Jesus want anyone to know that he was passing through Galilee? Why were the disciples afraid to ask Jesus what he was saying about his death and resurrection? What were the disciples discussing while they were traveling with Jesus? Who are the greatest in Jesus' kingdom? ...

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A Theology of Work

Proverbs 6:1-11 What are the characteristics of a sluggard? What are the characteristics of the diligent? What causes frustration in our work in the world? How does Jesus' example as the perfect worker encourage us in our work? ...

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Trouble with Trusting

Mark 9:14-29 When Jesus returns to his disciples, what were they arguing about with the scribes and the crowd? What does Jesus say is the problem at hand? How does the demon-possessed boy's father respond to Jesus? Why were Jesus' disciples unable to cast out the demon? ...

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